Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Sharing Links

Affiliate Marketing

Associate Marketing Tutorial by CPAlead that reveals you the quickest way to gain online by sharing links.

Associate marketing has grown into a $4 Billion Dollar sector many thanks to affiliate advertising business, such as, that have made it as simple as ever before to gain online.

Gone are the days of producing a touchdown page or a promo, with CPAlead, every little thing awaits you on day 1. All you have to do is share links, it's that simple and also there is nothing even more to it. In this video we'll reveal you the best ways to share a web link and also earn money.

Inquiries about affiliate marketing? Remark below and also we'll provide you a hand. Thank you for looking into our video. If you like it, please upvote and subscribe, this will certainly motivate us to continue to make more affiliate advertising and marketing tutorials.

40 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Tutorial: Sharing Links

    1. Log into your CPAlead account and then click on ‘Help’. There will be an option here to submit a support ticket.

  1. Excellent page, excellent technical support simply wonderful. Keep on improving it by implementing new ways to generate income are the best. 🙂

  2. I have choosen niche
    then go to app wall and installed app but I didn’t get any money in my dashboard
    I have done it just for testing

  3. I went to log in with google and it says : “Account exists but not in good standing, please contact an affiliate manager”

    When I fill up the form with my name and email it says: “The email address is already register”

    When I go to log in and forgot password it says: “Unknow email address”

    1. I´ve been using others cpa network plataforms, I don´t remember using yours. if your plataform is brand new then I never used it.

  4. Can you describe more how works that Download only offers? I used 5 years MobPartner and I must end with this sh*t becuase never pay for downloads. I tested now one Download offer focused for my country (My Horoscope). I download that app, open 1 minute and still no earn. Again same situation like in MobPartner.

    1. You _do_ understand that you’re not supposed to click on your own offers, right? That’s stated near the end of this video. I know it talks about allowing that for testing purposes, but I would desist from doing it altogether. They’re obviously a reputable company. So, you ought to get paid if you adhere to their TOS.

    2. Our offers actually pay per click, so it converts every time. The downside to that is we’re very strict on fraud. So if you’re clicking on your own offers (or using a bot to do so) we can detect is very easily, even if it’s masked behind new IPs or junk traffic.

      So to answer your question, we pay every time there is a click / action, but we are strict on quality.

    3. Is it pay per click or Pay per complete offer.. i mean if some one click on offer but didn’t complete offer, would it be paid..

  5. hi ! i am sharing different link to different peoples of different countries, they all of install and launched the apps, but i can’t received any converted lead and update earning, what is the wrong? @cpalead

    1. If you a promoting mobile CPI offers directly, then you will need to make sure that the traffic you are receiving matches the target traffic for that offer. For instance, if an offer only allows USA traffic, then you will only get paid when a visitor installs that offer. For anyone else that is reading this comment, this is not related to niches. Niches work for almost all countries and will automatically display our top ads to your visitor based on their device and country.

  6. when I click on promote it doesn’t click it’s like unclickable and l’m suing chrome is there any solution please help

    1. We haven’t been able to replicate this issue on Chrome or Firefox. Try disabling any AD Blocking software.

    1. how much cpc it pays.. i mean if some one clicks but does not complete offer would it be paid. and how much.

  7. Friend excuse me I’m from venezuela and I do not understand english so this video I did not understand much I wanted to know if this page pays for someone to see the niche advertising or only if you download the application

    1. When they try to access your niche content, they will be required to complete an offer. After the offer is complete, you will earn.

  8. I have so many established social sites with a different account. What if I Promote your niches from my different account. Will it be ok if I do this ??

  9. Need help here. I am trying to promote something on Facebook but its not allowing me to post the link. I am thinking of using bitly however I was wondering will I still be credited with the offer?

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