Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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In this video clip, I clarify why Amazon Affiliate Advertising is finest for novices, and the best ways to get involved in the industry. The reason that I enjoy this program so much is because it has much reduced competitors generally, and also you don't need to "offer" people on points. Amazon's giant method does all the lifting for you. I likewise reveal some pointers you can use to enhance your conversion prices with your associate internet sites.

The main reason why I have actually always recommended as the go-to affiliate network for newbies is because of the vast range of new items that are introduced daily.

In addition to that, is a full SELLING MAKER! What I indicate by that, is they have actually drilled their conversion prices to the last detail. Normally I could convert website traffic I send out to from my associate sites around 12%. The reason it functions so well is that the moment people come down on, they are immediately switched into "purchaser setting". Definition, they understand the only point left for them to do is BUY. What that means, is all you have to do is obtain individuals to's website, as well as they essentially do the marketing for you.

Here are some suggestions for newbies aiming to get into the Associate Companion Program.

Tip 1:

Choose a particular niche you are passionate regarding, as well as validate other people are enthusiastic regarding it. the best means to do this is to kind the primary keyword of your niche into's search box. If you see loads and also numerous items associated with your particular niche (with lots of product evaluations) it's normally a good niche to get into.

Pointer 2:

Create a blog site and develop tons of material pertaining to your particular niche. You do not (nor shouldnt) market affiliate offers in every item of material. Ideally, you intend to aim for a web content to promo supply of 5:1. This is exactly what Google is seeking. Always keep Google delighted.

Suggestion 3:

Take advantage of social media sites by producing a YouTube channel, Facebook follower page, and a lot more. Funnel your target market to a capture page, then from their pitch your associate review web pages.

Suggestion 4: If you're a newbie, it is essential that you recognize it make take greater than a few days before you start making sales. While it is possible to gain affiliate commissions with within a couple of days of producing a campaign, reasonably you shouldn't anticipate to start making sales within the first 14-30 days. It requires time for your website to take a room online. However, if you are identified as well as post 1 new post and 1 new video daily for your initial 1 Month, you hold a way greater possibility of earning affiliate compensations within the first Thirty Day.

Tip 5: Integrate other deals from other affiliate networks with your Amazon promotions. You can make large cash beyond Amazon also.

In conclusion, I think that Affiliate Marketing is finest for beginners to begin with. It has a lot of different specific niches that you could take advantage of that competition isn't really much of a problem even in 2017.

Hope you enjoyed my video.

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47 thoughts on “Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

  1. Hey dan you did it buddy and you also produced a great video well done on today content!! I like the bit when you say about newbies not making money and then when they do they become more serious and put in a lot more effort which is how we all start right? It is also a lot easier to make money with amazon because as we know amazon is a name people trust and I would like to inform deadbeats that when there is trust there is money to be made! Trust equals sales deadbeats!!! 🙂

    1. +MakeMoneyLiveGood Yeah some people are CRUSHING it on Amazon! Mainly through FBA, and affiliate marketing. Both can produce job-crushing income as long as you pick a path and stick with it. FBA is something I will be doing in the future, once I get this channel and Deadbeat University running smoothly!

    2. Dude that freaking exciting your going to increase your profit even more with FB I want to venture into that eventually but there is a lot to tweak and monitor but people are doing it so can we!!! Ill be there every step of the way buddy! all of us are doing well helping each other 🙂

    3. Awesome Thomas 🙂 sounds good buddy! How funny I actually need to clean the kitchen soon thank god for my business planner and an I phone lol

    4. I have been researching FBA for a product but have not pulled the trigger. However, my wife and I sell on Amazon 2100 products of that I take the top 10 best sellers and sell them FBA. We manufacture in house. It is basically a paper product printed. The markup is phenomenal. So the product can be ordered on Amazon and we or Amazon ships it. On our website and we have 3 variations. A printed pattern mailed, a pdf download, or a kit where everything is included. Christmas is when we see tremendous spike in sales.

    5. There is only one problem with FBA. Amazon is letting a lot of foreign companies on that can really beat you on price. So your product could get crushed. I listen to Scott Volker as well.

  2. DEADBEATS LISTEN UP….You need to be consistent with this, work each day and then you will see results!

    1. Thanks. I’m glad someone emphasizes that there is WORK to be done, especially at the beginning. But those few hours invested will pay off handsomely!

    1. Thanks Artagene. Welcome to the channel, don’t think I’ve seen you comment before… you DEADBEAT!

    2. way back  10/3/2011  computer broke lost my programs  never got to use  Deadbeat Super Affiliate SEO Software
      Installation and Use Instructions
       found old hard drive started searching   Lots of stuff in there.  have the pdf   neat 🙂  a Real DEADBEAT   
      look me up on facebook…   

  3. Another great video, Dan. Isn’t it wonderful how amazon always helps the affiliate out by promoting other products with the “other customers also bought…” You can actually send a customer to amazon to buy one product but end up having that same customer buying multiple products and receiving commissions on all of them! Dan is the man!!

    1. TheMagus363 – Yes, that’s one of the main reasons why I’ll like Amazon so much.People think “oh the commission payout is so low… you only get 8%”… but when you get 8% of EVERYTHING they buy over the next 24 hours, the commissions add up QUICK! Thanks for comment… you DEADBEAT!

    1. +RogueReplicant You forgot one of the most intelligent subhuman that there are like the Africans and the Middle Easterns.

    1. 20 whole entire days? Wow you really went all in, eh, Mr. Gates. Damn, man! How long do you think success takes to accrue??? How many times do you think successful people fail before they actually succeed? 20 days??? That is one tick of the clock amid eternity. You must be consistent and persistent if ever you’re to succeed. LoL@20 days. That’s hysterical.

  4. Hey Dan, I’m passionate about skateboarding. Is that a good niche to go after? Skateboard wheels, Skateboard trucks, beginner skateboards, are some products i can review and have sections on. Would love to hear some advice. thx I’m trying to make $1500-$2000 a month

    1. Hey Luke – Yes, that’s a great niche to get into. Super pabid, and evergreen!

  5. nice video,, is website necessary ?? but how can I choose hosting company? what preference will I give??

  6. “Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” absolutely did not explain how to become an Amazon Affiliate. Just a bunch of tips and pimped out his book.

    1. It’s filled with beginner tips for Amazon Affiliate marketing…. don’t know what more I could have done in this video…

    1. SongsofThe Century Cuz this guy and every other teacher has to make their money too making profit on us with their “classes”

    2. Because they always want you to buy something so THEY make the money. I am beginning to think the answer to this business – IS NOT ON YOU TUBE!!!

    3. Here’s the comment I posted above. — “100% of ALL videos on youtube, including this one, are for the benefit of those posting said videos. Not that the info isn’t legit. It’s just that the very process they implement by having you watch, then take action is the very process they’re directing you to use by procuring the information they provide that they’re leading you to using their videos – just so you know. This video is his marketing tool. ;-)”

  7. The Amazon Affiliate program is a SCAM I have done EVERYTHING you and other bloggers have said to do in order to make the Amazon Affiliates program work and every single time I begin to generate SOME kind of revenue (usually $20-$30) it’s only about a week or two before I get a message from Amazon stating they have closed down my account down because I am using a non approved social media platform to list my links and that I don’t have enough “followers” or “unique content” when all I use is YouTube to post my Affiliate links, and I have over 40k views and my content is actually very unique, not too many motovlogers out there, no I don’t have a million subscribers but I’m at 90 but since the first time I got booted from the affiliate program I have blocked people from seeing my sub count so Amazon wouldn’t even be able to know how many subscribers I have at this time.
    So what gives? The first couple times they said to just re-apply and so I did and every single time it just happened again, I don’t use profanity or sexual content or anything bad in fact I take pride in making good quality family friendly content but still this continues to happen, and I’m pretty much tapping out at this point unless there’s something else you can give me advice to do or try, this makes the 5TH time they have shut down my account and taken all the money I earned, no joke I can provide each email if you want to see them and I have replied several times and each time they just say to re-apply. I am extremely angry at this point because I have put a tremendous amount of work on my channel doing reviews and posting links etc all for NOTHING and after a simple search I see tons of other people with the same problems and they are all calling the Amazon Affiliate program a SCAM as well! so maybe you should do some investigating, or at the very least warn that this is NOT for everyone like don’t sign up if you have less than 1k subscribers, I even tried asking what the minimum “followers” are required to be eligible and to stop getting booted from the program and they said they didn’t have an exact amount, sooo helpful. Anyways HELP :(((

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