BEST Ways to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

Affiliate Marketing

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In this video, I share the very best ways on how to begin with Associate Marketing for beginners in 2017! I'll share the best ways to begin on ANY spending plan, whether it's free of charge, for $100, or approximately $1,000.

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If you're new to my channel, my name is Odi as well as I'm a 24 y/o Entrepreneur as well as Affiliate Marketer. I first started by doing Associates associate advertising and marketing after that branching off to other associate networks and also even more rewarding specific niches. Associate advertising and marketing is the very best source of passive income IMHO as well as has actually allowed me to live in my desire house as well as drive my dream cars and truck, a Porsche 911 Turbo. See to it to take a look at my various other videos for even more!


46 thoughts on “BEST Ways to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

  1. Hey ODi, thank you for another great video we really appreciate those videos man ! I am looking forward to buy your course soon I cannot wait man !

  2. You’ve got the car, the puppy, the view, and the info. Now you need to just throw a little cinema in the vlogs to set it on fire!!

    1. ODi Productions
      If I were to join your course and follow everything step by step
      Where would i be in 6 months to a year
      As far as scaling up

    2. ODi Productions I think that’s a far question
      I was considering investing in your course You value at $1000
      You talk about making 5 figures a month in other videos
      In this course what is the outlook of a person who follows your steps
      You say find a mentor who can guide you to there lifestyle
      But dont have an outlook on your course?
      Not taking shots but most people don’t have money to throw around

  3. Hey hey odi.
    Great video.
    Im defiantly interested in becoming a student. Be awesome to have you as a mentor for affiliate marketing. Learn from the best, to be the best!

    1. Hi Christine, I really appreciate your interest! Feel free to message me on IG or comment here if you have any questions.

  4. whatever happened to your friend s make up start up ? any update coming up ? or did i just missed it ? cheers !

  5. Stunning Apartment. Another banger Like always. πŸ‘πŸΌ keep it up my man.

  6. Hey man, I’m a broke 15 year old and this video has provided excellent information! I have a question, which is.. Is it worth doing a video game, video game technology/gear niche? I’m scared because the gear is typically expensive and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to influence anyone due to the price. Thank you for your priceless content!

    1. First, thanks for the kind words. Well if that’s how you’re feeling, don’t pursue it. There’s most definitely money in that niche and it has the potential to be profitable, BUT you have to be extremely competitive and dominate. If you’re at the bottom then you won’t eat, period. Need to come into this with confidence if you wanna succeed.

    2. Hey bro, here’s an idea. Instead of doing a video game technology/gear niche, you might as well just focus on gaming.
      Like Odi said YouTube. Your 15 I guarantee that you have a PS4 or Xbox. Record your gameplay and see your results in the long run. You are going to have fun + build people to watch you. Example introduce it to your friends/families share on social media…

  7. As always, I’d like to say dropping made knowledge bombs! The realization is that anyone can reach their goals if you just believe and do it! Glad to see the growth and next level in this journey! All I can say is wow! Affiliate marketing is definitely changing the future! For those of you interested in this course; I love it and it’s really great seeing everyone making killer moves! Keep grinding FAM!

  8. Super value in this video and dead on accurate…this kind of content is a big help for newbies like myself.Thanks keep it gowing

  9. This is great stuff Odi! I started my YouTube channel almost a month ago, and I’ve already made $1,200 from it! I can’t wait to see where I’m at in 12 months! I’m documenting my journey to getting to $10k/month with affiliate marketing, and it’s going great so far πŸ™‚

  10. I’m 18 and the amount of knowledge you throw out there is just usable πŸ’― I love it I’m graduting in june class of 2018 and I love afilliate marketing didn’t know what it was until I ran into on YouTube and I’m gonna give a nice try when I graduate thanks man πŸ’°πŸ’―

  11. I’ve just got my feet wet in affiliate marketing promoting some amazon products on my YouTube channel. My best month I made around $1,300 in affiliate commissions. But I feel like I’m limited by the amount of organic traffic I get on the channel. When I upload, there’s no guarantee how many views or clicks I will get. I can’t decide if I should create a niche site or just keep pushing on YouTube since I already have a following here.

    1. Hey Justin! Thanks for stopping by the channel. First off, I wanna say that 4 figures in passive income is an extremely good achievement that took me years to reach. So the fact that you just jumped in and accomplished that is amazing.

      Here’s what I’d do in your shoes. You already have a big thriving personal brand, so I’d double down on that and start your own personal blog website focused on car care and modifications. From here, I’d funnel your subscribers to your website on each video so they can sign up for your email list, see a page with your favorite products, and also consume more of your content/videos in an easily accessible format. Then, make content that is more consumer-focused by reviewing popular car products and recommending them if they’re good. Hope that info helps!

      Feel free to email me if you wanna talk more in depth: AffiliateMarketingChamp.Team@gmail

  12. Odi I had no knowledge about Affiliate marketing before I joined your course 2 months ago but now I finally found a online entrepreneur venture I’m going to stick with. Affiliate marketing is a great concept and you’ve helped me tremendously. So far I’m at a little more than $830 made after 2 months. Keep grinding!

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