How to Make $1,000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing

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In this video clip, I share exactly how I make over $1,000 profit per day with Affiliate Marketing in 2017. I consist of 3 actionable suggestions for just how you could take your associate advertising to the following level as a beginner.

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If you're brand-new to my channel, my name is Odi and I'm a 24 y/o Entrepreneur and Associate Marketing Expert. I initially started by doing Associates affiliate advertising then branching off to various other affiliate networks and also more lucrative particular niches. Associate advertising and marketing is the most effective source of easy income IMHO and also has actually permitted me to reside in my dream residence and also drive my dream vehicle, a Porsche 911 Turbo. Make sure to look into my various other video clips for more!


41 thoughts on “How to Make $1,000+ Per DAY with Affiliate Marketing!

  1. Very true man!! Big inspiration. If y’all ain’t listening to my man odi, then y’all are destined to fail in affiliate marketing. $1k+daily and he still finds the time to sit here and make a 35 min videos for us to learn. 🔥☝🏻☝🏻 keep it up man.
    Looking forward to working together in the future.

    1. R MH obviously your not mature enough to be watching these videos! Get off the channel if you believe it’s a scam! I’ve talked to odi multiple times, he’s living the life unlike you! I’m sorry your not willing to invest in yourself and at least try to do something productive with your life! And make a GOOD! Living. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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    1. IPisNotDigital well a big place might not be what you want. My neighbor across the street lived in an apartments and had an Audi R8 and then he finally moved, I guess he bought a nicer place. I’m more a car guy than where I live.

    1. That’s all good man. You can still make progress without it. But when you’re ready I’ll be here!

  2. I have a couple questions 1. Can u do this part time because i have a family and need to work my day job
    2. Do u need to have money to start this because i have almost no money
    3. Is this pratical

    1. People interested in making money online should go to *LIVENETJOBS. COM* this site might help you. There you’ll find ways to do this and it’s not difficult at all. I’m making about 80% of my money thanks to this.

  3. loads of true in your video , i actually started to woking 14 hoours a day and i cant believe what materials i find this in since i started working those hours awesome looking forawrd to speak to you
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  4. +ODi Productions Awesome video, I loved it! 🙂
    Sadly, there is no such things as Mentors where I live. They’re either called consultants or coaches and their only goal is just like banks. “How do I make the most money out of you?” Basically two-headed snakes that tells you something but meant something else or something similar. Anything that keeps customers returning. Greedy af! 🙁

    Some feedback/reminder to Everyone – All these tips are great and I totally agree with them even though I never thought of the 2nd tip as something that affect us so much but it makes sense when put into context. You clearly said this is for people who are Serious going all in but, what you didn’t mention though is that the 1st and 3rd tip requires, (where I live) a lot of startup money to get started properly. I admit, I’m a broke-a** student at full time and working part time. Still broke and exhausted.
    So, what’s a “good amount” according to me. About 6k USD or 5.1k EUR for the business itself. (Pretty much what you make in a weeks profit @Odi) and for a coach/consultant range between 400-600 bucks/hour. With already high taxes, high rate of unemployment and low salary. It’s a real bi*ch! And I’m very careful with my spending btw.

  5. Awesome video and tips I’m just starting out in affiliate marketing I was doing a search and came across your video and I’m glad I did.

  6. Thanks man great video! So glad I found your Chanel. I just starting out and looking to stick with one Chanel vs hopping around all the junk advice out there.. keep bring the 🔥
    Thank you so much man!! Trying to get on your level by putting in the hard work.. just need some direction✊️

    1. People interested in making money online should go to *LIVENETJOBS. COM* this site might help you. There you’ll find ways to do this and it’s not difficult at all. I’m making about 80% of my money thanks to this.

    1. its like throwing a party, over-invite, to get a big turn out either way. want 100, invite 2-300. that’s sales % rule.
      apply the formulas & you will do it.

  7. This video is not a joke… I started you tube and became an Amazon affiliate right away… I promoted products in the descriptions of my videos and now I’m earning roughly 150 to 200.00 a day…. not much I know, but I literally copy and paste my links.. 5 seconds out of my day. I didn’t believe it at first either.

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