The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2018… *EXPOSED*

Affiliate Marketing

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In this video, I share the most effective means ways to begin Associate Marketing in 2018 and my leading forecasts for this online company version for the future.

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Affiliate advertising is a wonderful possibility for people wanting to function from home as well as make money online via easy revenue. I strongly believe that associate advertising and marketing is the very best online business to start for any individual, because of very little to no investment and also endless advantage and gaining potential.


50 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Affiliate Marketing in 2018… *EXPOSED*

    1. bro if you want success go and buy books, take info, look at people with success, listen their histories… and then Go for it.

    2. Leighton Butler thought the same thing about the thumbnail. I’m like NOOOO! I just started watching.

  1. Totally agree! Video marketing rock! There are basically 3 possible traffic sources with YouTube: 1. Rank on YouTube; 2. Suggested videos; 3. Rank on Google! One of the top viewed videos on my channel ranked in Google! Also agree with the rest predictions. Building email list – is the base of any affiliate marketing business. P.S. Hey Odi, good to see you back!

  2. Ayy love the new vlog Odi! I know people will always want more affiliate videos, but honestly I would really enjoy these ‘day in the life’ style videos as well. Been vlogging the good life on my channel since I was 14. Love what you preach ✌️

    1. Hey I really like your videos and your personality that you show in your videos, I would rly like to porches your video course but it’s so expensive. I know it will pay of but Im really young and just got 600$ saved. Is it possible that you could make an Code to get your course for a lower price so I could get him faster then I would until I got this 1000 bugs. I just wanna start doing this affiliate marketing but I wanna do it right from the beginning.

  3. Trying to really focus on establishing my brand, great advice as always! And those off white air max’s are so sickk

  4. Odi, FTW again!! Rockin’ the mic & droppin’ that #TRUTH!! 🔥💯

    Keep doing the damn thing bro! Can’t say enough how grateful I am to have connected with ya!

    Much love & many blessings always, brotha! 💪🏽🤙🏽🏎

  5. Great video Odi and nice to see you back on here brother! Totally agree with this for 2018 !!

  6. What happened to the video series with your friend Sam?
    It’d be interesting to see how your mentorship helps her get started with Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Clifton James that’s what I’ve been waiting on I want to see if these figures are really real or are most of these people making most of their money from selling courses

  7. Great video man! Yes, video marketing is definitely the way to go! My goal for this year is to make a minimum of *$10,000* online!

    1. Lol you can hit 10k in 2 months as a beginner. I made 1k in my first week as an affiliate marketer.

    2. Rain-Man Ritz Hey, thanks for the push! I do probably need to set my goals a lot higher! 💪💪💪

    3. Hypothetically speaking, would you realistically be able to potentially make these figures through the luxury skincare niche? (i.e reviewing face masks, skincare tech ect.)

  8. Amazing Video. You are my inspiration in starting a business and diving into affiliate marketing at 17. Thank you!!! (Upload More)

  9. Hey Odi! Great to hear you confirm what I believed to be the case as well with regards to affiliate marketing in 2018. It’s the exact reason why I finally decided to get over myself (camera shyness) and get on video. And I know I’ll get better over time. For the longest time, I’d always had an EXCUSE as to why I shouldn’t start using video. One of my hobbies has always been playing the piano, trying to get better at playing guitar and I’ve always had an interest in learning music production messing around with fruity loops(FL Studio) a few years ago. One of the keys to success with affiliate marketing is getting involved with stuff you’re passionate about or at least have some form of interest in. So, music in general has been a thing I’m interested in and I’ll be starting an affiliate marketing business around that this February with Video playing a HUGE part of it. I’ve been putting it off for God knows how long because I wanted to have the “perfect equipment” and become more skilled first but screw it… in as much as I know the sound/video quality will be garbage as I have only my phone to rely on… I’ll just get going anyway… Learn as I go, and improve my equipment/instruments when I can. Thanks for the extra push with this video of yours.

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